100+ animal gk questions in hindi 2023 - Animals gk questions answers

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animal gk questions in hindi 2023 - Animals gk questions answers

Welcome on our website studypointandcareer.com . in this post we know about 100+ animal gk questions in hindi 2023. which questions is always asked in many recent examination. this post help for your exam preparation.  

100+ animal gk questions in hindi 2023 - Animals gk questions answers

1.What is a group of cats called?

Ans- A clowder

2.Which has the thickest fur of any mammal?

Ans- Sea otter

3.The age of a lion can be determined by its…?

Ans - Nose

4.What is the only mammal capable of true flight?

Ans - Bats

5.A newborn kangaroo is about the size of a…?

Ans - Lima bean

6.What is the smallest mammal in the world?

Ans - Bumblebee bat

7.What animal has the highest blood pressure?

Ans - Giraffe

8.How far away can a wolf smell its prey?

Ans - Almost two miles

9.What mammal has the most powerful bite?

Ans - Hippopotamus

10.Where is the only place on their body dogs have sweat glands?

Ans - The pads of their paws

Which sea creature can change its gender?RD.COM

11.What is a female fox called?

Ans - Vixen

12.How many teeth can a crocodile have over its lifetime?

Ans - Up to 4,000

13.What creature has a tongue that can measure the length of its body?

Ans - Chameleon

14.What is a group of parrots called?

Ans - A pandemonium

15.What type of farm animal can sunburn?

Ans - Pig

16.What is a male duck called?

Ans - Drak

17.What is the closest living relative to the T-rex?

Ans - Chicken

18.What male sea creature gives birth to its young?

Ans - Seahorse

19.Which sea creature can change its gender?

Ans - Oyster

20.What is the deadliest creature in the world?

Ans - Mosquito

Animals gk questions answers

1. The animal having longest life span? – Tortoise

2. What animal has the highest blood pressure? – Giraffe

3. Which bird can fly backwards? – Humming bird

4. Which species of bird flies at the highest elevation? – Bar-headed Goose

5. Which animal has largest brain in the World? – Sperm Whale

6. How many muscles in each ear of a cat? – 32

7. Which animal exclusively eat only eucalyptus leaves and nothing else?– Koala

8. How far can an owl rotate its head? – 270 degree

9. The age of a lion can be determined from its – Color of nose

10. One horn rhino is found in – India

11. Rhino horn is made up of – Kerati

12. Name the only country where both tigers and lions are found – India

13. How many subspecies of tiger found in the world? – 9

14. Which one is the largest in size among the subspecies of tiger? – Sberian tiger

15. What is the scientific name of Bengal Tiger? – Panthera tigris tigris

16. The first animal to go into space was – Dog

17. Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature? – Humpback whal

18. Which animal has no vocal cords? – Giraffe

19. Total number of brains available in a Leech – 32

20. Name the only mammal with hair on the soles of its feet – Polar bears

Most Important 100 GK On World Animalsin English

21. How many legs does an insect have? – 6

22. Which big cat species has the longest canine teeth as compared to body size? – Clouded Leopard

23. Giant Panda from Chine subsist almost entirely on – Bambo

24. Bees have _____ pairs of wings? – 2

25. In which continent the largest overland migration takes place on? – Africa

26. A baby kangaroo is also known as………. – Joey

27. Which animal can see both infrared and ultraviolet light? – Goldfish

28. The liger is a hybrid cross between………. – Male lion and female tiger

29. Which animal is shown on the logo of WWF (World Wildlife Fund)? – Panda

30. How many years can a cat live up to? – 20

31. Which country is the home of largest population of tigers in the wild? – India

32. The average weight of a blue whale is – 120000 Kg

33. By which process Pigeons navigates using……… – Sound waves

34. Why part of the body is used by snake to smell? – Tongu

35. Which animal is known as the best rain detector? – Elephant

36. Which one is the only bird that can see the colour blue? – Owl

37. How many stomach does a giraffe have? – 4

38. The age of a giraffe can be calculated from its……..– color of body spots

39. Who many legs does a spider have? – 

40. How many wings does a bee have? – 4

World Animals Best GK uestions Answers in Englis

41. Which one is the slowest moving land animal?- Three-toed Sloth

42. Which one is the slowest animal under water? – Seahorse

43. Which one has the largest eye of any land animal? – Ostrich

44. How many stomachs does an Ostrich have? – 345. How many teeth does a bear have? – 42

46. Which part of the body is used by elephant to control the body temperature? – Ear

47. How long is a giraffe tongue in feet? – 1.6

48. Bee Hummingbird is only found in……. – Cuba

49. Which one from the cat family cannot retract its claws? – Cheetah

50. Which animal has the highest blood pressure than any other? – Giraffe

51. An adult male gorilla is also known as……. – Silverback

52. In which country kiwi bird found? – New Zealand

53. In which era did dinosaurs exist? – Mesozoic

54. In which era the first mammals evolved in the earth? – Triassic

55. Which one from the below can change their gender? – Oysters

56. Which is the only animal in which the male gives birth their young? – Seahorses

57. The blood color of octopus is……..– Blue

58. Which animal has teeth in its stomach? – Lobsters

59. Which one is the only flying mammal in earth? – Bat

60. How much weight a Rhinoceros Beetle can carry compared to its body weight? – 850 times

World Animal Important GK in English

61. Which one is the smallest in size of all living tiger subspecies? – Sumatran tiger

62. Which one is the only large island inhabited by tigers? – Sumatra

63. Insects belongs to the class of ……….. – Arthropoda

64. Which one is the largest invertebrate in the world? – Colossal Squid

65. Which one is the heaviest flying bird in the World? – Dalmatian Pelican

66. Fennec fox or Desert fox is found in……… – Sahara Desert

67. How many humps in the back of Bactrian camel have? – Two

68. Koalas are only found in the country……….– Australia

69. In which continent, piranhas are found? – South America

70. Rocky Mountain goat found only in……….. – North America

71. Which one is the largest carnivorous animal in the world? – Southern elephant seal

72. How many chambers does a cow’s stomach have? – Four

73. Which one is the largest chamber of stomach a ruminant animal? – Rumen

74. Which animal has the longest tail? – Giraffe

75. How many parts of a Butterfly life cycle have? – 4

76. Which fish can swim with fastest speed in seas or oceans? – Sailfish

77. Which animal take breathes through skin? – Frog

78. The camel’s hump is composed of ________ tissue – Adipose

79. Which one is world’s tallest flying bird? – Sarus crane

80. The only snake that builds a nest is……….. – King Cobra

we know in this post about 100+ animal gk questions in hindi 2023 . which related question very importatnt in various competitive examination. 

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